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Perfect for:
~ Students, families, professionals, or groups seeking assistance with the college or graduate school application process, homework, research papers, resumes, presentation skills, or time management 
~ Students writing essays for college or graduate school applications, or studying for entrance exams
~ Non-native English speakers wishing to improve proficiency
~ Other support with writing, editing, or other academic or professional projects

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Inspirational Educator

I am a Harvard College and Harvard Law School graduate, an entrepreneur in multiple businesses, a former large-firm lawyer who has taught at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles and Kendall College in Chicago, and someone who is passionate about sharing and building professional and academic skills for others.

I provide virtual or in-person coaching and tutoring services such as editing, executive coaching, tutoring for law or other classes, and tutoring and proofreading for grammar and writing including legal writing.

My style is upbeat, encouraging, and empowering! At the same time, I will hold you to rigorous standards, based on your goals.

Highlights from my work include coaching a financial controller to enhanced executive presence and a CFO role, and coaching a high school student to a 230-point increase on the SAT and increased self-confidence.

I have been teaching unofficially ever since I was 2 1/2 years old and my little sister was born! I have been teaching and coaching professionally since 2014, including in private customized sessions with professionals, MBA students, college students, and high school students.

In addition, I have been an alumni interviewer for Harvard College for many years.

On a more personal note, I love photographing scenes from my hometown of Chicago, and took all of the photos on this site.

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Services can be provided virtually or in person, once or as an ongoing package, and can be an excellent fit if you are:

~ a student preparing for college, including studying for the SAT or AP exams, writing application essays, or composing an overall college application package

~ a student seeking assistance with homework assignments, research papers, a dissertation, presentation skills, or time management

~ a professional wishing to improve your presentation or writing skills, resume, or executive presence

~ a non-native English speaker wishing to improve your written or spoken English

Packages start at $100 per hour, or we can discuss my pay-what-you-like option.

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"Miss Beck was the best teacher I ever had. I learned a lot with Miss Beck; she is extremely professional and so helpful."

Exchange Student from Portugal

"You are my favorite because you do more than what is required of you. Thanks for believing in me and for not making us learn the way you wanted to teach, but for teaching the way we wanted to learn."

Student from Wisconsin

"You have taught me much more than just law provisions in the books. In addition, you serve as a wonderful example for me to learn from."

Student from Chicago

"The professor! She is such a bubbly individual that promotes learning, you can see the passion as she teaches."

Exchange Student from China

"She is always energetic, we love her."

Student from Chicago

Recently, I recommended Professor Beck’s college preparation tutoring services to a friend’s child. Professor Beck expertly guided the student through test prep and essay-writing—as a
phenomenal teacher, coach and compassionate taskmaster—until the student gained acceptance to the most difficult UC school to gain admission in the most competitive
college application year in history.

Fellow Harvard Grad in California

Valerie’s contribution to my daughter’s life has truly been extraordinary.  Parents dream of seeing their child succeed in life. This usually happens with proper nurturing, and by having the right influencers contribute to the growth process. Because of Valerie’s tutelage, guidance, unequaled generosity, optimism and support, a young woman applying for college had her life take a turn for the better. Valerie made it happen. She truly did! 
Words are not and will never be enough to express how grateful we all are to have been touched and blessed by her amazing energy, talents and by her light. 
Valerie, thank you, thank you, thank you, and again thank you! You’ve been and are a blessing to us all.

Parent in California

I couldn't have done it without you.

Student from Virginia

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I would love to discuss your specific tutoring or coaching
needs and goals!

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Thank you for reaching out!

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~ Professor Valerie Beck

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